What Does Brexit Mean For The Skills In Your Business?

What Does Brexit Mean What Does Brexit Mean For The Skills In Your Business?

The results of the 2016 EU Referendum shook the country to its core, sending the pound plummeting and throwing industries into disarray. An initial panic and adjustment period was always to be expected, and whilst things have since settled somewhat, businesses have not seen the back of Brexit yet. According to many political and economic experts, the biggest changes are yet to come.

Brexit will continue to influence currency rates and trading prices as the UK edges nearer to a permanent departure from the EU, but it will also directly impact the strength of your in-house skillset.

One issue proving to be a particular concern is the aspect of recruitment, and retaining existing skilled staff. How can you protect and grow the skillbase in your business as we approach Brexit? Let's take a look:

Will Brexit drain the talent pool?

UK recruiters have long depended on the skills of specialists in Europe, but there are suggestions that employers will have restricted access to this wide talent pool once the procedure of leaving the EU is officially complete.

With fewer experts available for hire, there may be a squeeze placed on recruitment in Britain, with businesses finding it increasingly difficult to find a high-calibre employee in their industry. The demand for the best people is only going to increase, and when these skilled workers are snapped up by big firms, smaller companies could be left with limited recruitment options.

Many are worried about the effects of Brexit on the skills and knowledge they can draw on in their business, but for others it's an opportunity:

Transform your current team with training

You can hone the skillset of your current team and attract the most skilled jobseekers by offering continuous training via advanced e-learning and m-learning platforms. Not only will this allow you to develop your existing staff in a cost-effective way; it will also transform your company into something that people truly want to be a part of. Any business that takes care of its workforce is always ranked most highly by existing and prospective employees.

With a well-trained team, you'll be covered in the case of recruitment unsettlement, and you'll already have the skills in-house that you need to function effectively as a business. You can also use e-learning and m-learning to capture knowledge and ensure it is available to all staff at all times, even if key people leave. This, in turn, will facilitate the quick development of new recruits, as experienced employees can assist along the way through social learning.

E-Learning: Stay smart to stay safeguarded

Integrating e-learning into your business allows you to actively enhance the capabilities of your workforce today, whilst making your company more attractive in the future – minimising staff turnover and tempting top talent to join. It also provides a knowledge-base to stop vital information leaving your business.

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