Large firms will make the leap to e-learning

Large firms e-learning Large firms will make the leap to e-learning

Proven platform makes e-learning part of everyday work life

The UK's large companies and organisations will make a cultural leap, establishing dynamic e-learning for their workforce wherever and whenever it is needed, by using an always-on, easy-to-use, e-learning platform called Learn with Mobile, available from today.

Launched by Ambidect, the global innovator in learning and development platforms for businesses, cloud-based Learn with Mobile delivers e-learning assets, such as how-to-guides, video clips and product quizzes, "social media-style", to any trainer or employee's PC, tablet and smartphone.

Learn with Mobile removes the gap between work and learning. Its instant delivery of different learning materials frees trainees from "classroom-style" sessions, or expensive company learning management systems (LMSs) that can't accommodate modern training content formats or learning styles. As a result, Learn with Mobile enables more frequent and flexible opportunities for workplace training, knowledge transfer and coaching from peer groups, front-line managers or subject specialists, as needed.

In traditional learning models, it's estimated that 70% of learning happens at the workplace, 20% from colleagues and only 10% from formal training. In contrast, recent studies by The Research Institute of America indicate that workplace-based e-learning boosts knowledge retention rates by up to 60%.

Because Learn with Mobile lets employees easily view and re-use their organisation's chosen training assets or contribute to social learning forums, in and out of work, it embeds a culture of workplace learning, even among complex and geographically-dispersed workforces. It also inspires more dynamic and opportunistic workplace coaching by firms that can't commit to large-scale training but still need to harness employee know-how or reinforce those training sessions that they do buy.

Learn with Mobile's functionality was developed and proven by Ambidect's team over five years with global firms wanting to boost staff uptake of training and learning outcomes. It's been successful across in-store and supply chain environments, business units and countries world-wide.

Learn with Mobile delivers an array of e-learning benefits for different enterprises, mid-size firms and training consultancies, including:

  • Simpler and rejuvenated learning for large workforces where block-booking "classroom" training sessions is unpopular, expensive and tends to take highly-productive teams away from the workplace for lengthy periods
  • Empowers mid-size, fast-growing and smaller firms to develop more flexible, "on-the-go" training – without having to invest in expensive courses or enterprise-level LMSs
  • Enables training consultancies to extend and energise their training content and delivery options, with branded versions powered by Learn with Mobile, whether across their user base or for key enterprise customers.

An "always-on" cloud-based subscription service, Learn with Mobile meets these different market and functional needs with a series of formats:

Learn with Mobile Enterprise delivers full functionality with an unlimited number of users for a fixed monthly price, giving better learning options with predictable costs to large organisations. This version includes user group functionality to organise content for larger, outsourced and extended workforces - alongside fully-customisable content and branding options.

Learn with Mobile Professional gives smaller firms full access to all learning capabilities with pricing set per month in packs of 25 users, so the overall subscription scales with the organisation. In addition, the platform can be branded to suit the company's internal needs.

Learn with Mobile Trainer is targeted at training & development consultancies, enabling them to add online e-learning offerings. This trainer version provides learning groups or cohorts facility for courses/discussions and unlimited users, all at a fixed monthly price. All material can be delivered within consultancies' own branded training platforms.

Tim Thomas-Peter, Ambidect's Managing Director, explains: "Our Learn with Mobile platform will make a huge cultural change by putting learning at the heart of everyday work. Sadly, much company learning is still dominated by learning management systems delivering inadequate returns and dull "classroom-style" training. These inflexible approaches have failed to harness their workplace peers' know-how which is one of the real keys to continual employee learning and upskilling."

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.