From Your Vision to Reality

Are you a consulting business offering specific expertise? Do you have a vision for the next big thing online?

You may have an idea to get your service online.

That gives you the edge for now, but somebody somewhere will eventually have a similar idea.

Whatever you do now - don't do nothing.

How do you get your own online service?

We don't agree that software development is such a mystery that pricing and timescales cannot be transparent.

You can move at your speed and control your budget - No spiralling costs.

Our model for developing online services is called self-paced development and here's how it works:

1 - You Talk To Us

Getting your service online is not like selling a product - your service is unique.

After an initial no-obligation phone call, we'll set-up and run your design workshop for £1,500.

You'll get the benefit of our experience in taking businesses online as well as our technical know-how.

We'll help you refine the idea into an engaging service that fits your budget and keeps your unique personality. Our deliverable to you is a high quality service design document.

2 - We Get To Work

We'll take you in manageable steps form the design document to a working service.

Your project will be split into blocks. Each block costs £5,000 and lasts 4 weeks.

You don't need to get bogged down in a massive IT project. Let us get you a working online service with the essential features. A pilot project typically requires just 1 block of work - or £5,000 and 4 weeks.

Then when you are ready we can work together on the next block or blocks of work. Your service will evolve naturally based on feedback from the real world.

3 - You Get Online

We are experts in creating and running SaaS products. You can have the same high quality online service our existing clients already enjoy.

Starting at £150 per month for hosting, your service gets a global presence straight away.

You can be confident of a world class experience for your customers from the unmatched managed global data centre environment that will house your service.

Our own Learn with Mobile service is built using exactly the same techniques.

For as little as £6,500 you can have planned your own online service, and have a pilot ready to go.

We'll be as proud as you to see your vision come to life, and to help you evolve it into the ultimate service.

Start Your Journey Now

If you're not ready to get started on your own online service and you'd like more information, get in touch with us by phone or email and we'll be delighted to help - Contact Us Now